Face Painting by Jenn

Face Painting by Jenn

My story:

I am a mom of two wonderful children who you will see often as my models for designs. I started painting when I couldn't hire someone for my own child's birthday. From that party my friend (Sara) and I had some friends of our own who were also interested in having us paint for their party. Then from that party there were some more people interested and so on and so on and my experience and business grew from there. I have always been interested in art and have taken some art classes while in school. I have never taken any formal face painting classes but after playing with face paint for  years you develop your skills and learn from your mistakes and get better each time. Also within those  years you meet a lot of other entertainers and see their designs and tricks of the trade and share stories to grow as an artist. Face Painting is a skill you keep improving in every face you paint.... and I have painted a lot of faces over the years.

I paint as a single artist for events as well as apart of a team of two for larger events. You may see my work also associated with Jenn and Sara Face Painting. I have been face painting for  almost 6 years now and each year I get faster and more experienced. I have been complimented on my work many times from parents and children alike. Many companies and families have us come back for their yearly events and do it all over again. We have painted children of all ages.... big kids(parents) as well.

Remember...you are never too old for face paint!!


Contact Info:

Email: facepaint@hotmail.ca


or call 604 574 6544