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Due to the nature of face painting it is in the best interest for all to avoid painting those who are ill. In order to keep the supplies clean and to limit the spread of germs as much as possible we do not paint children with pink eye, head lice or who have a fever etc. If there is a runny nose a full face may not be available or if there is broken skin that area will not be painted with a brush in order to keep supplies as clean as possible. Brushes are cleaned at the end of each party ( I use 70 % isopropyl rubbing alcohol and soaps then well rinsed and air dried.) The water used is changed per child to help keep supplies clean. Face Painting is not the most sterile environment, these precautions help keep things as clean as possible and are for safety purposes.

      Remember there are usually more germs on a door handle then there are on a face!

**Feel free to grab a baby wipe while waiting in line to tidy up any party food leftovers!

Supplies Used:

Only Professional quality supplies intended for skin are used including Global, diamond fx, Mehron, Ben Nye,Tag and Wolfe FX. These paints wash off easily with mild soap and water. Some colours such as blue or green can sometimes leave a residue behind staining the skin temporarily. If this happens I recommend using lotion, baby shampoo,oil or a makeup remover letting it soak in to remove these. But most of the time a babywipe or a warm cloth is sufficient.

Allergic reactions are always possible... rare but possible. No product is above any possible reaction. If you have sensitive skin or are concerned you should do a test patch in the inner elbow of your arm first wait to see and then be painted if no reaction occurs. Most people we paint have been painted before but if it is your first time testing is a good idea and recommended. The paints we use are of a cosmetic grade and have ingredients in them to prevent bacteria growth. I also use a makeup cleaning spray at the end of my events on my paints.

 My own daughter has been painted hundreds of times and yet to have any reaction. She has very sensitive skin and reacts quite fast to heat and sunscreen and certain soaps etc. the paints I use have not bothered her skin at all. 

  I  use only cosmetic grade glitter such as Ben Nye, Mama clown and Mehron brands. I also use eye lash glue ( easily removeable no other product needed) as well to add jewels to my designs.


The rates are hourly and by location. These prices include travel and  supply costs and are as follows: 

$90*/hr for the Surrey/ Whiterock/ Langley  

$100*/hr Aldergrove/Delta

$120*/hr Abbotsford/New Westminster/Coquitlam

$120*/hr Port Moody/Burnaby/Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows

$130*/hr Chilliwack/Vancouver/Mission


All cities minimum one hour booking

 If you have a budget in mind please email facepaint@hotmail.ca and I will try to work within your budget (smaller designs etc)

Body Painting, Gestational Paintings, Halloween Costumes are a per piece cost and will need to be discussed and priced individually. Please email facepaint@hotmail.ca for this info.

For fundraisers there will be a discount please inquire within with details of your event  such as hours needed, your  group details and the budget you had in mind and I will work out a quote for you personally. We limit the number of fundraisers we do per year and try to keep them local to our community.

Unfortunately we cannot work for free as our supplies are quite costly and our time valuable. Please do not inquire within for no cost services this does not exist and we work hard to be the best we can be. Years of effort and training were put in to this service and free advertising is not acceptable payment.

 If you have no budget for face painting a Pay Per Face event might be an option for you. This is where you do not pay for my services but your guests will be charged per face. There is also an option to pay half the cost and lower the Pay per face costs to your guests. Please inquire within for more details. 



*** All prices subject to change ***

Design choices/ Number of kids per hour etc:

 Most people like to know how many kids can be painted in an hour. These numbers are flexible depending on the designs chosen. For larger events with longer line ups its best to keep designs to a 3 min-5min/ face such as basic cheek art or simpler designs with a little less detail then normal. Characters with tiny details take the longest and full faces are not as long as most people would assume.

If booking a birthday most faces have more details and more time spent on each design. If you have a set number of kids and are on a budget I can work around time restraints and then offer more basic designs or if you have a smaller party and minimum of 1 or 2 hrs booked then multiple designs are available such as arm paintings  or more detailed designs etc. I have tried to include some estimates as to how long each design takes however a wiggly child can increase this time.

Please note there are always a few things that can add to your time that you might not have considered yet such as:

* late party guests

* time between guests if there are other activities sometimes there is an empty space here and there

* wiggly children

* children having trouble deciding which one to get

* those who decide they want something different than what the picture is... changing colours (choosing colours) adding flowers or other details to make each design unique.

* adults joining into the fun... we are all just big kids   ( happens more then you think)

 Please consider these delays when booking your event. I will do my best to accomadate all guests but sometimes delays are inevitable.



Member of Clowns Canada


and former member of  CAFABA



Fully insured through Hub International for your event big or small!


Contact Info:

Email: facepaint@hotmail.ca


or call 604 574 6544  





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